ATEL VoIP Tunnel System

You can use this solution in VoIP blocked countries, from behind firewalls or when you need encrypted VoIP communication.

VOIP Blocked Countries

There are some countries where VoIP communication is blocked or restricted. In most cases blocking is not made by the countries, but by the ITSPs, the Internet Telephony Service Providers to prevent competition.

Ordering aTel VoIP tunnel, you can easily get through these restrictions and use your VoIP equipment or software without any restrictions.

ATEL VoIP Tunnel System


With aTel VoIP tunnel all the firewalls can be bypassed. Firewalls are used for secure network communication. If there is a firewall, the proper destination (the called extension) can not be reached without a voip tunnel.

Safe Encrypted VoIP Calls

In the case of encrypted voip calls, the call initiated by the our clients must be encoded to avoid unauthorized access. When the call arrives it must be decoded to let the server work. The VoIP tunnel's task is to encode and decode the data packets. With this process the VoIP tunnel ensures the secure Internet telephony.