VOIP Termination

Using ATEL Softswitch

The ATEL Softswitch and billing system supports both SIP and H323 protocols and traffic is accepted from H323 & SIP Gateways, Softswitches, Calling Card Platforms and other compliant VoIP systems.

NCT's clients’ benefits:

  • Top Quality Worldwide Call Routing.

  • Superior Network Security.

  • Reliability - Backed up platform to guarantee our services.

  • Compatibility - Compatible with all types of hardware: all Gateways, Switches, Call Router Servers.

  • Technical Support - Support plans to assist you with all of your needs.

  • Web Management Tool - Check your balance at all times.

  • Functional Management Tool - Provides our clients with a detailed report of their calls so they can easily access their traffic and balance of their accounts.