Our solution serves the ideal need of any VoIP company, no matter its size. aTel VoIP Billing system is a multi-vendor carrier class charging system. It is integrated with VoIP solutions and provides all the best of breed revenue assurance functionalities and pre-packaged reports needed for day-to-day operation, marketing and financial decision support mechanism for business owners.

Our solution come with customer care platform, Billing and Payment systems that makes it easier for service providers to offer, activate, support and manage VoIP services. The Billing System provides organizations with a multitude of rating and charging options for their VoIP services – whether prepaid and/or post paid in real time and in any combination with multi currency support.

The Billing System fully supports authentication, accounting and authorization, and this makes the platform efficient as it utilizes internal billing procedures without having to connect to external systems. Moreover, this approach gives a uniform interface that extend the platform functionality. This is done by joining accounts billing details with routing and switching settings in a comprehensive manner. Some of of the unparalleled features our billing system offers include but not limited to:

  • Credit Card payment processing

  • Flexible rating

  • Least Cost Routing, priority, prefix and percentage based routing

  • Multiple business models

  • Multiple networks integration

  • Operation support systems and fraud detection

  • Prepaid and post paid service

  • Products and account management

  • Real-time billing
  • No lost CDR's no mismatches with routing anymore

  • Periodically remove credit from customer balances

  • Recurring services and more!

  • Scheduled rates (days/hours of the week)

  • Tried true and mature VoIP billing system

  • Instant Anti-Hacking Alert

  • Automatic Back-up, Schedule Back-up and Restore

  •  Trunk/VoIP Provider management/Carrier Management
  • Reports and invoices

  • Unlimited Resellers

  • Scalability, reliability and high availability

  • Statistics and monitoring

  • Virtual private networks for corporate accounts

  • Web Interface

  • Web-based customer care and self-provisioning