International Mobile Top Up

We have partnered with a number of service providers when you add this feature.

You can offer this service using ATel Softswitch and Billing Software.

International Mobile Top-Up enables people living overseas to purchase top-up funds for their friends and families in their home country. With this service, your roaming subscribers can also top-up their mobile accounts when traveling abroad.

By offering an International Mobile Top-Up service, you can:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by introducing new services for immigrants and their friends and families

  • Reduce financial and operational risks by utilizing aTel's prepaid services platform capabilities

  • Position yourself to implement additional prepaid mobile commerce applications and affinity programs, such as bill payment

How it Works?

  • Friends, families, associates purchases airtime from your company through your company's branded mobile dialer, website from appointed physical shops or other electronic point or sale terminals and receives a pin.

  • PIN is entered by the purchaser via the Web or IVR (through a toll free number) to top-up account

  • Subscriber's account is topped-up and confirmed via SMS