Hosted Softswitch

Softswitch + Billing

ATEL Hosted Softswitch is known for its stability, ruggedness, scalability, error free operations and interoperability. The entire offering is completely bespoke and can be customized as well as branded any way you desire based on your business portfolio. Packed with Comprehensive Monitoring System and Real Time Customized Web Interface, the ATEL Hosted Softswitch is an all-in-one solution for VoIP wholesale and retail businesses, calling card, PBX, Call Center and other VoIP related services on the market today. It is also inclusive of all necessary hardware and software for Switching, Routing and Billing of VoIP calls so you do not need to install and configure any software on your own. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training and extensive technical support in case of any assistance all year round.

This revolutionary service not only saves you from investing redundant infrastructure, its maintenance and of course the manpower to use it. With our Hosted VoIP solutions, you may now offer a wide range of VoIP based businesses to your clientele with no capital investment and without purchasing your own infrastructure. Each solution is cloud based, highly scalable, customizable and can be deployed easily in no time. In case of any assistance, our prompt customer support by local expert engineering and technical teams are readily available 24X7. Our solution is especially designed for Hosted VoIP service providers around the globe who are looking for Assured Security, Reliability and Voice clarity over privately owned and managed fiber network.

Hosted System


  • Avail bountiful of many features whilst realizing cost savings and efficiency gains
  • Highly Cost Effective, Secure, Scalable, Reliable.
  • Use your own termination and origination and even bring your existing ones to ATEL Hosted platform
  • Quick entry into the market
  • Minimal start- up costs to set up your own VoIP company
  • Grow your business without a major equipment expense
  • Best-in-class business connectivity to meet all your business communication needs
  • All-in-one advanced business solutions with broadest portfolios of business data and communication solutions

At New Concept Technologies, we adopt a highly pragmatic approach in our business, we deliver cutting-edge softswitch and hardware equipment, feature rich VoIP solutions with world class facilities to keep our clients ahead of competition. Our clients include asset management companies, VoIP service providers, insurance and banks, distribution and trucking, food distribution companies, legal services, product distribution, manufacturing, government agencies including military, real estate firms, health agencies and hostpitals, other financial institutions globally either using this service or owning their own lifetime licence.

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