Fax Solution

Using ATEL FAX Software

Once you have understood the advantages of sending fax messages over and IP network or the Internet instead of the traditional phone line, you will want to know how you can achieve this. The ATEL Fax software supports sending fax through the internet via the T.38 protocol. One important thing to note in IP Faxing is that fax messages are not sent to and from phone lines as traditionally, and hence do not require phone numbers, but are sent to and from IP addresses. Let's see how you can fax over IP in the three ways.

Using a fax gateway, through the T.38 protocol

This is also called real-time faxing, i.e. the fax messages are sent and received at once, without having to wait and stored. It works, on the outside, like traditional faxing. Computers can be used to send faxes this way, but more often (as this method is mostly used in corporate environments) IP fax machines are used. What is important is the presence of ATEL Fax software that has the necessary mechanisms (including protocol algorithms) to handle faxing, and which make the bridge between the IP network and the PSTN line.

  • No more missing important documents: Receiving and Sending faxes directly from Computer, your Fax machine and Email using our fax software

  • It is simple and automated: Setup is easy and requires no maintenance

  • It allows Least Cost Routing (LCR)

  • Safe and secure: No more paper trail, no risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

  • Fits with any business needs: Seamless integration with your existing email environment.

  • Supports DID for Incoming/Outgoing Faxes delivery and sending via email, web or fax machine.