Calling Card

aTel calling card solution enable carriers and other calling card operators to offer affordable and feature-rich prepaid calling card solutions to their subscribers, agents and resellers that may be distributed physically or over the internet. With value added services which our solution possesses, this enable our clients to offer unparalleled calling experience to calling card users.

Our calling card module can help attract and retain subscribers while building loyalty through compelling, in-demand and empowering services. In addition, by being able to leverage aTel softswitch flexible real-time VoIP billing engine for account level charges and graduated multi-tier rating, providers can influence calling patterns to more cost-effective times and creatively bill subscribers to help build back margin.

Generate cards in bulk and enable them as you go along……..

  • Support for connection & disconnection fees
  • Support a charge after X number of hours of usage
  • Support a charge after X number of days after first usage and repeats every X days.
  • Support expiration of cards X days after first usage
  • Bill in customizable increments
  • Customer portal allows calling card users to view their cards status.
  • ANI Mapping
  • Multi-Language support for the customer interface (Spanish, Indonesia, Hindi, English, French, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Korea, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, Danish and many others)
  • Multi currency management
  • Mobile App, PIN and PINLESS Support
  • Customized IVR support
  • Online Payment Support for Credit Card, Paypal, and many others.
  • Play balance
  • Many other fantastic features.