Call Shop

aTel provides integrated call shop module, which is easy to deploy, use and maintain. The benefits it offers for call shop business are hard to ignore. Call Shop is a place-based privately owned retail VoIP business, that enables customers to make calls at a significantly lower rates than through PSTN networks. A call shop can be situated in key locations of a city, or in specific places such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, universities, supermarkets, schools etc. Some key features of call shop include:

  • Extend your retail customers base by providing calling services in key places;

  • Use single licensed copy of aTel to support large callshop networks all around the globe;

  • Route all calls dynamically, to maximize incomes and service quality;

  • Different rates and currencies for different callshops, all within one billing engine;

  • Monitor every call booth, call activity, destinations and balance usage; Calls

  • Control call time duration by pre-paid amount or allowed credit.