Phone : 612-89994117 (Australia) , 1-877-841-3512 (USA)

The ATEL Classiic Dialer uses Anti-Block Tunnel solution called EP Tunnel bypass any firewall and blockage in VoIP Blocked areas or country. EP Tunnel uses state of art compression and encryption algorithms to make it most secure and fast among all the Encryption SIP Proxies available. This dialer works freely without any issues in all the VoIP blocked countries without the need for port changes or other operations. Just download and use with crystal voice quality.

Mobile Dialer Exciting Features:

  • OTP on request

  • Free downloads anytime

  • Free audiocall for users

  • SMS

  • Free Instant Messaging/Group Chat

  • Calling via Wi-Fi/3G/4G

  • Conference call

  • Use your own SIP server

  • Front and Back camera support

  • Call-Through capability

  • File transfer

  • Recent Call history

  • Phone Book (Synchronize with Phone Address Book)

  • NAT/Firewall support

  • All standard codec support eg: G711, G729,GSM, Speex etc

  • Account online top up

  • Social network integration

  • Unlimited Account registrations

  • Bluetooth and Headset support

  • Favorites contact

  • Speaker and mute functionalities

  • Registration Timeout

  • Balance information

  • Rate display and destinations

  • Echo Cancellation and noise reduction

  • Voicemail Support

  • SMS rate checker